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​Beats, beats, and more beats.  Iceberg Entertainment offers comprehensive music production by our in-house music producer NOVAMAN | On Da Beat.   Production styles ranging from R&B, Techno/House, Pop, to Hip-Hop.  If you have an idea of production for your next song, we can bring your ideas to life using some of the industry's state-of-the-art production software and equipment.

With an arsenal of musical weapons from the Akai MPC, Korg Triton Extreme, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools - Xpand! 2, NOVAMAN | On Da Beat comes anywhere but short of providing the best quality production at a low rate. 

Please listen to the most current CATALOG of BEATS by NOVA today!


 Yo: Please feel free to contact us for more details on getting beats custom-made.


Iceberg Entertainment provides the most flexible solutions for your recording needs.  With sessions starting at just $45/hour, we make it easy to begin working on your next hit!  We work with some of the best equipment in the industry to give your sound it's optimum quality.  Whether it's analog or digital, your sound will be ready for the industry.  See our equipment list for more details.

Tip: Its always safe to be prepared before enter the studio.  Be sure to have your music ready for uploading to our systems.  We prefer an unmastered WAV file for best quality.  If you'd like to drop your music off a day in advance, it's completely ok with us. 

Have your lyrics and other references available so that our team can provide the best feedback and suggestions during or before tracking begins.

Disclaimer: Flat Rates must be paid before the start of session.  Block Rates require 1/2 due up-front before start of session.  Please don't hesitate to call for additional information on rates or studio policies.


Mixing and Editing can be the determining factor of whether your fans /listeners will stay interested in your song(s).  We take this stage of your project very serious at iE.  The mixing and editing process takes patience and a high level of attention to detail.  


Our culture here is based around our ability to provide a Class A mix of your song or project at a Class C rate.  iE is no stranger to having to mix and edit multiple tracks; we make it our business to ensure all levels are gained properly, vocal comping is managed and tuned with the proper overall balance. 


With DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Sequoia, iE is prepared to tackle any session or audio formatting brought to our service.  

Tip:  The better your recording the more optimum level can be achieved in the mixdown and editing process.




At this final stage it is critical to have a pristine mix for the mastering process. The better the mix, the better your master will sound. iE provides mastering services to all customers; no matter the music. We aim to produce high resolution audio files ready for any listening and playback environment.  Whether its radio, car, bus, clubs or walkmans, we can deliver the sound your fans desire.  


Note: Please have the overall level of your song(s) to be Mastered bounced at -6dB at 24bit/96kHz. Other resolutions such as 16bit/44.1kHz, 24bit/48kHz, and 24bit/88k are fine.

 ***Don't add Compression, Imaging, Reverb or Limiting to your final mix.***


Call or Email us for additional Mastering info. chat live  now for a faster response!!!

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