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Who We Are...


    Iceberg Entertainment is a high-powered home recording studio built on the concept of comfort and performance.  IE has been providing audio production and recording services for more than 10 years.  IE was formed by Full Sail University graduate, Lonnie White, with the intention of forming a record label. However, with limited resources to bring about a record label, it was then established that Iceberg Entertainment would become a “Media Production and Recording Studio.


   IE provides quality production by our in-house producer, nvamanOn Da BEAT with styles ranging from hip-hop to techno.  Along with production we bring forth an experienced engineer to deliver quality recordings, mixing, editing, and mastering; just the way you like it.  Our engineer provides an ear on development and coaching as well as attention to detail. With more than 1000+ songs recorded, and 500+ beats produced, we are equipped to give your next project the “UMPH” you desire.  


IE is in fact a small home recording and production studio, but we deliver results some only wish they could receive from a larger facility.  With a goal of making hits and helping customers push towards capturing Grammys, we are excited to take this journey with you.

    In the near future, we will be expanding to a larger more commercialized facility but for now, let's make some music!

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