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Greetings to all readers and listeners.  Thank you for entering the Education Gallery. 

   My name is Lonnie White and I’m the founder and Chief Engineer for Iceberg Entertainment.  I’m a former student and graduate from Full Sail University – a school for the recording arts.  Since my time at Full Sail, I’ve expanded my knowledge tremendously, particularly in recording perspectives and audio implementation.  Before school, I had no knowledge of how to implement dialog into movies, create scores for movies or even create effects for games.  In this segment, I’d like to share a little of what I’ve learned.

The video below is a project I worked on at Full Sail with a few other group members.  The video you will view is a cut from the movie "Transformers".  Our task was to implement dialog, sound effects, and music.  I specifically am the voice of Colonel Sharpe in this clip.  I also performed some of the other Futz Dialog (off-screen dialog) as well.  And finally, I am also responsible for the music score in this short film cut.  I hope you find this entertaining and educational as this opened my eyes to audio post-production and editing.





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